Sunday, January 31, 2010

Challenging the Bright Side

My oldest daughter, Amy Jo got me set up with my own blog. Unlike her,(you must read The Little Moments)I didn't feel as though I had too much in my life to write least that others might find interesting or amusing. Until maybe now. So in keeping a promise that I would write during this adventure, I am resurrecting the BLOG. I have thought of changing the name to more accurately describe where I am and what I am doing....but thought again that I may be challenged to find the Bright Side in life now more than ever and that IS what I am doing!!

My husband John works for GE. A few months back he accepted a position/assignment that has taken us to the country Kuwait. KUWAIT????? who goes to Kuwait? Well, we did; having just arrived two days ago. So this will be the background of my musings,adventures,joys and tears. I hope you will join me on my journey as an expatriate in this very foreign country, keep me company with your comments. My hope is this will be a tangible way of keeping all those I care deeply for close to my heart as well as meeting new friends.