Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I love reading the newspaper.  Besides trying to keep up with the goings on in the big world outside of  this tiny country of Kuwait, I find it extremely entertaining.  Hardly a day goes by that I haven’t torn out something that has piqued my interest but better yet, tickled me silly.

Cultural differences are a fact of life living in the middle east. Here in Kuwait, they are kept and honored by Sri Lankans, Phillipinos, Pakistanis, Indians Malaysians, Koreans.  The newspaper provides information of events, festivals, and bazaars, of fashion and food.  I love learning other culture and so we get two newspapers delivered everyday.   The local Kuwait paper and the Arab Times that reports of national news. Some of what I read is great eye openers as to what we as Americans take for granted, and how things are viewed elsewhere in the world..  Sometimes I reread the article because I I can’t believe, (not only that people think, or that laws exist) but that it is in the paper.  Some things I find highly amusing.  You would be surprised what US news makes the Arab times.  Of course there is Washington news…Obama makes it in daily and celebrity gossip fills a couple of pages.   But news from Ohio or Utah about how much snow they received this year is….kind of odd.  But gosh I had a good smile with my coffee the other day when I saw this picture from NYC.   Have fun reading…..this is just a taste of what I keep clipping out of the papers……The world as a whole….is a funny place.










IMG_0001_2 Note: this article is about Islam's in Saudi Arabia…..not here in Kuwait.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hugs, Kisses and Laughter

An unplanned trip home lasted three weeks.  Enough time to visit with family and friends, love on a few grandbabies (nine, to be exact), and paint with my folks at ARC.  John had to work both in Schenectady and Greenville, but that didn’t stop me from hopping a plane to Milwaukee then Charlotte and back to Rochester.  New meaning to my frequent flyer grandma status…..I had a wonderful time and know that it is the love shared, the hugs and kisses and laughter that sustains me while living far from them all. 

These are my cuties in New York.  Joshua, Kaylee and Gracie. We kept busy with an Easter Egg Hunt, a trip to the Zoo and a picnic at Aunt Cathy’s……with Uncle Scott (Bambca) pulling Olivia and Joshua in a wagon…..over and over and over. We all enjoyed the contagious giggles and screams as he ran around the yard.  There were some nice days outdoors where the swing set was in good use!  Many stories were  read, games and puzzles played.


April 2010 016

Got to spend a day with my dear friend Pam.  We chose to meet at Panerra Bread at 9 am for coffee….knowing full well we could continue our visit through lunchtime too.   We did just that; leaving at 4 pm to head to our favorite, creative inspirational store……We shared our hearts, our thoughts, our books and projects. 

Meeting up with Carolyn and Patty for art class at ARC was a real treat!  I miss being with “our people”  They have been and continue to be an inspiration to me.  The artwork is framed and displayed in the hallways of the center.   A beautiful gallery.


April 2010 021  April 2010 020

Adventure…..isn’t that what my life is all about these days?  And so I was challenged….by my sister Cathy and her husband Rich to eat out at a Sushi Restaurant.   I have always steered clear from this kind of restaurant…..not real crazy about food “swimming” down my throat, if you know what I mean…..however, I took up the challenge….BECAUSE…..what they ordered was stuff already cooked. Delish!

This adventure with sushi continued when I got to Mike’s house….he prepared seared tuna steak….sliced thin and served with a special sauce…..AND……I loved it….so perhaps it is now a new option when deciding what restaurant to eat out at, or maybe I can try something at home.

Many photos of the Petrovsky boys at play….but they still take time to love their Grammy.   Caiden is 5, Kierson 2 1/2….and they keep their mom and dad busy with activity. They loved the Easter Egg hunt…but couldn’t wait to show me what they could ride out in the yard.  Pretty awesome to be driven around on a four wheeler by my 5 year old grandson.  He let me know that he let go of the gas as we went down a hill so we wouldn’t go as fast and scare me!     In doors, on the rainy and cold days, they play in their indoor gym…..and they cause my heart to pound and I loose my breath when watching them at their daddy’s shop.  Both boys ride scooters up and down the  ramps at the indoor skate park.  Caiden does really well on the skateboard too!  I chose to just watch and take videos of them. We had a great day at the park and the boys asked me to go on the nature trail with them…..that is special to me….that they liked the woods!  The time went by too quickly…..

Next stop……babyland

I arrived about 8 pm…..and was met at the door by one excited 5 year old and his three gummy smiled siblings, the cat, two dogs and their mom.  Daddy was at work but left an agenda for Mack and I to tackle.

They were having a garage sale….Signs needed to be made, brownies baked and lemonade made for Mack’s stand.  I grabbed each baby for hugs and kisses and then set to work with Mack getting out paints, stirring up brownies and squeezing lemons……

The next day we were all up and out early setting up the stuff, bringing out the babes and ready to sell!  Mackie is a great salesman….as people walked up the drive he would yell out “good morning…would you like some lemonade?”  and after he served, he told them to come back again soon!   love it!  Gorgeous weather allowed us to be outside as much as possible….the babies played on a blanket under the shade tree, or we put them in a small pool. I  joined the family on their daily walk to the pond/park.  Its quite a parade; with the stroller for three, Mack either on a bike or with his fishing rod, two dogs and a mom and dad….and for three days, a grandma along too. Mack is learning karate.  I pretty much videoed the whole session. It is adorable.  There was a lot of baby snuggling,and kisses to make sure Mason, Chase and Julianna know my face and voice. 

No matter how long the visit, there never seems to be enough time, but I am thankful for the days I was given, and for those I could see!  It was packed with fun and love and making of memories.

I will be coming back this July and hope to be seeing you all.  For now….well as my husband says…..”let the adventure continue”