Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I love reading the newspaper.  Besides trying to keep up with the goings on in the big world outside of  this tiny country of Kuwait, I find it extremely entertaining.  Hardly a day goes by that I haven’t torn out something that has piqued my interest but better yet, tickled me silly.

Cultural differences are a fact of life living in the middle east. Here in Kuwait, they are kept and honored by Sri Lankans, Phillipinos, Pakistanis, Indians Malaysians, Koreans.  The newspaper provides information of events, festivals, and bazaars, of fashion and food.  I love learning other culture and so we get two newspapers delivered everyday.   The local Kuwait paper and the Arab Times that reports of national news. Some of what I read is great eye openers as to what we as Americans take for granted, and how things are viewed elsewhere in the world..  Sometimes I reread the article because I I can’t believe, (not only that people think, or that laws exist) but that it is in the paper.  Some things I find highly amusing.  You would be surprised what US news makes the Arab times.  Of course there is Washington news…Obama makes it in daily and celebrity gossip fills a couple of pages.   But news from Ohio or Utah about how much snow they received this year is….kind of odd.  But gosh I had a good smile with my coffee the other day when I saw this picture from NYC.   Have fun reading…..this is just a taste of what I keep clipping out of the papers……The world as a whole….is a funny place.










IMG_0001_2 Note: this article is about Islam's in Saudi Arabia…..not here in Kuwait.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Our newspapers pale in comparison! Hope you're saving all these things for when you get back and start going to the schools to share your experiences:)

I love your Blog!!! and I love you!! Cath