Sunday, October 24, 2010

A night to remember

il Latini  it means tradition: a means of discovering Tuscany and its people.

Il latini restaurant 2 

This was our favorite restaurant in  Florence, serving its customers family style with dishes typical of the Tuscan tradition.





Il latini restaurant 1


It was a wonderful dining      experience.



As we walked the cobbled streets, heading to the hotel, nothing could have prepared us for the entertainment we were about to partake in…..rather, one of us participated as the other three were sure to capture “the moment” on film, laughing ourselves silly with the rest of the crowd that gathered.

Currently I am having difficulty uploading the “video” . I am sure Rich was hoping I lost it……stay tuned….I’m working on it…..


Anonymous said...

Even the pictures make me laugh again!!! I can't wait to see the video! Yes, I'm sure Rich is hoping it will be lost in cyber space somewhere..won't that be a great video to play when he turns the big 50!!!! Love you, Cath

Amy Jo @ The Little Moments said...

I didn't hear about this story! What in the world is going on? :)

Anonymous said...

Trip to Italy with Cath and Rich = A Memorable Adventure. Watching Rich waddle half naked down the street, late night, fully sober, with a crowd of cheering/laughing on-lookers as directed by an Italian Charlie Chaplin wantabe = Priceless! Where we going next year Cath/Deb? I need to upgrade our video equipment .... =) John