Friday, April 22, 2011

Creatures, creatures everywhere…..

Beware sign Gazelle sign Hippo Sign Zululand Tse- Tse  Fly Research Station

                  this one says ZULU TSE Fly Research Station

We drove 4 hours north from Durban to spend our first four days at the  Sodwana Bay Lodge.  It took us longer, of course, because we had so many photo opportunities.

DSCF1014 DSCF1015




Roadside stand…on a back road…hand carved animals being sold.

We brought home a hippo and an elephant!



 DSCF1254 DSCF1255 DSCF1252

Sodwana Bay Lodge….lovely place!!


from inside our room….see that tree ???   that’s where we watched these guys

 baby monkey baby monkey 2 IMG_0346 IMG_0350 IMG_0351 IMG_0352 Monkey 1 

They entertained us for 45 minutes…up and down the tree, across the lawn

as we just sat there.

We were warned that these cute little guys are “very naughty” so be sure to keep windows and doors locked.