Thursday, June 7, 2012


Over a year since returning from Kuwait!  

and today is a very victorious day!  I can write on the blog.  Since my return, my little computer used in Kuwait sort of whizzed and whirled as if it were taking off for outerspace so I was introduced to a new computer and somehow, someway unable to access my blog let alone post.  I had spent many hours, searching, and writing emails, asking questions of anyone and everyone.....what can I do.  I would let some time pass and start the process of the search all over again.  For some reason today, I stumbled into it...and I wasn't even trying.   Not sure of the significance that it happened today.....and not when I wanted it to months and months ago....but, be that as it I am. 

There is still much I want to share of my experiences in the Middle East and of my return back to America.  So, in the coming days and weeks I hope to record of my comings and goings, some wonderful pics....and the experience of coming back "home".


Ronda said...

Ah, so glad to have you back! I can't wait to hear about the rest of the adventure.