Monday, July 12, 2010


was our last stop before heading back to Basel and return home. Lucerne, we learned is just one hour from Basel or Zurich.  It is one of Europe’s most heavily toured towns.   And we could see why.   The river Reuss runs through the town into the lake.  The banks are clustered on both sides with ancient halls, churches and chapels and medieval houses.   The cafes were bustling with people.

clock tower 

bdlbridge 3


 bridge 2 steps


We only had a couple hours here.  And quickly saw that it was hardly enough.


















We drove back to Basel in the evening.  Now it was time to sort out our bags and see if all the souvenirs fit.pam packing 

We were given the gift of friendship many years ago.  This year we were given the gift of adventure, to explore, discover, to travel.  Our gift of laughter has always seen us through predicaments over the years, and it was no exception on this trip, Laughter is our friend that helps us find the bright side!!!  We laughed ourselves silly and had fun being….Lucy and Ethel one day, Thelma and Louise the next….but mostly being Pam and Deb: being ourselves, together…




Ronda said...

This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and you clearly made the most of it!
Beautiful pictures.