Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Dubai 2011 024 Dubai 2011 022 Some of  you have heard me say already….that this place was, I think, the land where the rich and famous come to play….of which we are neither…but had fun pretending for a few days!!!




Dubai 2011 001

See that pretty arch….that’s the bathtub right there….


This is the The Palms Atlantis Dubai.


Dubai 2011 005

John attended a conference for work that was held at this hotel.  We were guest there for 5 days.  Now, John was pretty much busy most of the time…..but as you can see, there were places for me to walk and swim and enjoy the pina coladas on the beach.


 Dubai 2011 028  IMG_0181  IMG_0179       

Dubai 2011 026 

Dubai 2011 010 Dubai 2011 007 Dubai 2011 009

.Look at the size of these guys in the indoor aquarium……whoa!!

Dubai 2011 019

The interior of this resort was like nothing we have ever seen.  The largest aquarium from floor to ceiling could be observed.  Besides this, there was also an aquarium adventure we had access to anytime to view the sea life.  And this is when we got excited, because we had seen some of these creatures in our last diving in Oman.


Dubai 2011 015

These are lion fish……we saw many of them in the sea……they are sooo cool!

Dubai 2011 014

And we saw many of these guys too……fascinating!



Jelly fish….could watch them forever…..but I think I am thankful I didn’t encounter them in the sea…..

1 (100 x 71) dolphin




While John was sitting in a conference all day….I went out to play.  These dolphins are awesome…I wished I could stay all day with them.


A special treat was meeting up with Jessica, one of Amy’s friends from high school days.  She is now living in Dubai.  What are the chances of seeing someone, after many years, from “home”,  in the Middle East….was rather surreal to both of us….and very delightful.  She showed me around some beautiful areas and hot spots to shop….we enjoyed lunch together and probably the most fun we had was wedding dress shopping.  She and Sam are engaged and to be married this spring.  That day filled a need I think we both had for family…..we even met our guys for dinner that evening. 






Dubai gave me the sense, almost of being in the States.  Many westerners living there…people were friendly, it was comfortable and I didn’t feel out of place.


Amy Jo said...

WOW. Those pictures are so amazing. I imagine they don't even do justice to seeing Dubai in person. I would love to explore it...with you!!!!

ookamama said...

love the one of the bed on the beach =) and of course you with the dolphins. Glad you had a good time, cant beleive how fancy it is there!!!

Cathy said...

Awesome post wish I had been there with you!! Happy you had a relaxing time..

Jessica said...

Debbie, that was SUCH a great time for me! Loved spending time with you, and I'm glad we got to really visit with Sam & John one evening as well. :) Definitely hoping you guys get to visit Dubai again soon. ;) Love you!