Monday, March 14, 2011

Scuba diving in Oman

When thinking of a getaway, we now think…..where can we go scuba diving???


We got our certificates in scuba last November.  Then the weather turned a bit cool making the water temp a bit cool….and we had not yet gone out for our first adventure since the class.


We rented a car at the airport……and along the way…..

camel sign


we not only saw the sign for camel…..but right up close to the road we stopped to talk to these curious friendly beasts!

           I just love these guys!!!

We stayed at this really wonderful beach resort…just made for relaxation, slow, easy going days…nice walks along the beach, sipping on a glass of wine, letting the breeze calm and sooth us.

Hours spent walking along the beach….my very most favorite do nothing past time searching for unique shells and stones.

Oman Februarry 2011 089 Oman Februarry 2011 120 Oman Februarry 2011 119


Filling my pockets with my treasures


Oman Februarry 2011 051

 Oman Februarry 2011 054 Oman Februarry 2011 057 Oman Februarry 2011 043


We spent a half a day and drove to the mountains…ha mountains in the desert…well  I didn’t believe it my self…not much  vegetation on these  here mountains….a few goats though

Oman Februarry 2011 035

We came into a town in the middle of the mountains that was an oasis….plenty of trees, greenery, we stopped to take a walk in a park like setting with old paths, leading to some very old buildings. 

Oman Februarry 2011 019


Oman Februarry 2011 016

We have had plenty of photo opportunities…..this past year….each time I look at them to post, I feel awed by the unique shots John captures.  The pictures below were taken as we drove through town just before our beach hotel.  The young girls were just getting out of school.

Oman Februarry 2011 117

The tower on this mountain called out to John from the time we first spotted it….he had to climb it….because….it was there!!!

Oman Februarry 2011 094

The view ….. 


and friends he met along the way….

Oman Februarry 2011 112 Oman Februarry 2011 109


I didn’t join him on this little adventure…..not because I wasn’t interested…but in actuality….our scuba diving fun exhausted me.  Its probably a whole combination of sun, fresh air, excitement, anxiety, concentration (on breathing right) and more sun, fresh air, excitement…..etc. etc.   Oman Februarry 2011 069

This is the dive center right on the premises….we met the nicest German couple running it.   We told them we were newbies…and they were excited for us, and made sure the dive master going out was aware of it… very thankful for him.  We had a wonderful surprise as we headed out for the first dive.   A dolphin was spotted. Captain slowed the boat down….so we could all have a look and we didn’t just see one, but six swimming and playing and jumping for us around our boat.  They put on a show for us… was awesome.


Other divers were with us had underwater cameras….it was really exciting to come back aboard after the dive and talk of what we saw… couple took pictures of two sharks they had seen……..on the next dive…..we saw shark too.  We determined then we are getting an underwater camera before our next time diving.  It is absolutely unbelievable of the underwater life.  I always thought I would be too frightened….and you know…ewwww about being around fish, eel, ha and shark…..but instead, I find all those creatures fascinating and diving exhilarating.   My adrenaline is high and I am nervous and excited and expecting….I am hoping for more ease in my breathing and skills, but I hope that thrill will always continue.


So being we have no pictures of those fish we saw… can imagine how happy we were when we saw the “decor” of the hotel we stayed at the hotel in Dubai (4 days later)  …….next post.


cathy said...

You are so amazing!!! I love that you can share all're so good at making me feel like I'm right there!!! Love the pics too! AND, I'm still so proud that you are a certified scuba diver!!!! So Cool!