Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Invitation…..

Korean Invitation_NEW

 On the occasion of the National Foundation Day

and the Armed Forces Day

The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea and Mrs... MOON Young Han

Request the pleasure of your company

at a Reception on Wednesday, October 13, 2010

19:00-21:00 hrs.

Crowne Plaza Hotel                                                       Regrets Only

Al -Andalous Ballroom

 Please present this invitation card at the entrance





GE’s partner for this project is the Korean Company, Hyundai.  Throughout this year, I have had the distinct pleasure to with my husband and his Korean colleagues.  Thus, the connection of our receiving the above invitation.   I will confess….I got  a wee bit nervous to be attending an Embassy function.  Thee most important….what does one wear to such a function…….When I would ask around….the answer always seemed the same……anything….from gowns to suits to dress pants….well those that know me, know clothes shopping isn’t one of my favorite things to do…….quite a dilemma, because I do like wearing new clothes and like dressing up….

The ballroom at the Crowne was beautiful,, lots of scrumptious Korean food to nibble on and then mingle, mingle, mingle….a fun night!


Amy Jo said...

You looked beautiful, mom! Great dress!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful pair you and my favorite brother-in-law are!!!