Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scuba,our latest adventure

My silent mantra as I went through the textbook and took the tests.Scuba Class 1

Scuba Class 1

Diving is FUN


Scuba Pool 2

All geared up for the pool dive, finally after all that studying.


Scuba Pool

Ramey and Moustafa the instructors.

The dive was exhilarating..even if only in the pool.  I was excited..

 Scuba Boat Trip 1 BDiving is FUN 

Scuba Boat Trip 1D

Day one of Open Water Instruction…..we had to sit on the edge of the boat and fall in backwards……that was the easy part, climbing up the ladder with all the gear AND tank wasn’t so easy.  My legs felt like Jell-O and I kept saying to myself I can’t believe I just did this….Not only did we learn to take our mask off and put back on, clear it of water, simulate the tank is out of air and buddy breathe, but we saw fish….really cool fish…

Scuba Boat Trip 2A

Remember  Diving is FUN


Day Two of Open Water Instruction I wasn’t looking too excited.  The water was pretty choppy so the boat was a rocking….and so was my stomach. None the less, I managed to get my new dive suit on….and at this point just wanting to get this over with.  Once in the water, sea sickness sensation stopped and we learned to use the compass underwater and pull someone to safety…and got to see many new fish as well as a sunken ship.  Once back on board, my stomach continued to rock with the boat so I found a comfy place till we were back on shore.

Scuba Boat Trip 2C

John and I really did this together, although there is a lack of a pictures of him…..Taking care of myself on that boat and in the water seemed to be a tremendous responsibility, let alone think of a camera. 


Scuba Cert Both

Well here we are….PADI Scuba Diving Certified!  We did it!!

and yes

  Diving IS Fun


Amy Jo said...

What a great post! I loved seeing some pictures from your scuba adventures.

Anonymous said...

So proud of you guys! What an accomplishment!!! My sister, the Diver!!