Saturday, June 19, 2010

18 1/2 hours....1001.33 miles...Are we nuts????

Certainly there would have been an easier way to travel.....but Pam and I were of the same mind....if we drove, that gives us flexibility, adventure, see the "real" not just the tourist places of France and Switzerland.  We decided to fly into Basel, Switzerland/France.  Very interesting, the two countries share the airport. There is a glass divider. And yes, I was waiting for Pam on one side and she was arriving on the other.  I wasn't sure which way she would come through......after a bit of waiting on the French side, I thought I should check the other.   Either way, the airport is relatively small and figured we couldn't really possibly miss each other....could we?  I was glad I changed sides! 

We drove from Basel to Giverny, stopped for a day in Dijon, then to Interlaken, Switzerland for a few days, stopping in Luzern on our way back to Basel.  Looking now at the map, I see perhaps map quest would have done a better job of mapping us (we had requested the help of Fi Fi (not a complimentary name for the GPS.....but frankly we were not that pleased with her service,( she had gotten us into quite a few predicaments, thus, not a nice name)

As we drove through the countryside, our destination toward Switzerland, we found ourselves delighted with the most vivid yellow fields we had ever seen.   Once again, we couldn't help ourselves.  It seemed each turn around a bend presented itself worthy of a stop for a photograph.  The fragrance was intoxicating.  We kept wondering what is it????As we are seeing the road signs heading us to Dijon.....finally a light bulb went on.........ha....mustard!


Amy Jo said...

Those are fields of MUSTARD? How funny!

I can just hear your voice calling the GPS "fi fi".