Saturday, June 12, 2010

French Cooking Class in Paris

Our first evening in Paris!  We took a cooking class!  We were so excited that we scoped out the area and parking availabiltiy in the afternoon so as to have no problem of getting lost and/or not finding the house.  After locating it we felt confident we could find our way back.  We checked the time 18:00 that means what time???Ooooh 4 o'clock...we needed to get a move on.  We quickly unpacked our things at the hotel and headed right back over for the class.   We rang the bell, knocked.  Rechecked the address, walking up and down the street, asking French people if we were on the right street...which they didn't understand us nor could we understand them and we were standing in front ofthe right house!!???  weren't we? We were feeling very dejected and sure we were stood up....  until we recalculated once again what 1800 hour translates to....not 4 o'clock...but 6 o'clock.  We were early...two hours early....Sure enough at 1800 hours when we rang the bell, Sylvie was there to greet us. Salmon was on the menu!  We had fun preparing a meal in a French kitchen and spending the evening with an art student from California and with our teacher and host who shared much more with us than just cooking!  Great fun.


Anonymous said...

Haha..I guess Military time is something you need to practice!!! How least you weren't 2 hours late!!! Looks like fun!

Can't wait for you to make me a french meal!!! Love ya, Cath

Amy Jo said...

Hey! You figured how to upload the pictures! And lots of them. I'm so glad. A blog isn't much fun without pictures, especially when they are of Europe. It looks like you had a great time. A cooking class was a great idea!