Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not an ordinary day

Dijon was not on our scheduled program.  We were hoping to drive from Giverny to Interlaken in one day.  What we didn't count on was the traffic coming through Paris nor we did we anticipate misguidance from Fi Fi.  Around 5 o'clock we decided we were stopping at the first sign indicating a hotel. We were about 100 miles from Dijon. The exit was blocked, can't get off.  The next couple exits did not indicate a hotel....of course now we are much closer to Dijon.....we decided to ask Fi Fi for assistance to the nearest hotel.....(now you know we were tired, to look to her for that kind of assistance)  However, she took us off an exit and wound us up and up a hill, curve after curve to a road with two signs.  One "no enter" on the road and the street sign was blocked out with black tape.  Of course she was adamant we go in that direction.  We went around and round the round about....a couple of times, actually until we decided to pull off the road to give her the opportunity to redirect.  AND that was our mistake.   What looked like flat grassy surface was indeed a ditch.  Pam opened the door and uttered UH OH....(that's not good)  this was no ordinary ditch, just a dip in the ground...this was a cement ditch and the front right tire was deep in it....which means the back left tire is up in the air ...about 18 inches.  We kept circling the car....and stating our circumstances......we can't lift this car out ourselves (we tried), we are not very near to a town for help, and the cell phone was dead. (not sure who we would call anyway).  Just when Pam is ready to find a house to walk to, we look up the road and see a jogger, (an angel sent to help us) a strong man angel!!!!  So we relaxed, and waited for the angel to arrive and the song we started to hum is the theme song from chariots of fire......without breaking his stride,  he lifted the car out and was on his way
We have no pictures documenting this escapade....and maybe that's how its supposed to be when you are dealing with angels.


Amy Jo said...

Wow... what a great story!

Colleen said...

Oh my! That sounds like something your sister would get herself into, haha!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the man angel!:) Too funny Deb, but it sounds like the kind of mess I'd get into. LOL..Love ya sis!