Saturday, February 5, 2011

Christmas in my heart


I love how Christmas is really a celebration the whole month of December….that is when the carols are playing, shopping to be done, get togethers, cookie making etc.  And the week between Christmas and New Years kids are off from school and many grown ups have time off too.I arrived two days after Christmas but  Lizzy’s tree was still up and the boys walked me around the house to see every decoration they placed.  They stuck to me like glue…wherever I went they went..sharing the same chair, my name on their lips….grammy grammy grammy….telling me of all their important news, playing and reading….they made sure I felt loved !  (can it be any better than that?) Amy’s family joined us a day later and then it was all about the cousins.  So fun to see them all together.  We did manage to make the traditional gingerbread houses, something I did with my children every Christmas time…..and seems like just yesterday.  It was crazy and loud and fun!  We took them to a children’s museum , along with every other family in Milwaukee and experienced chaotic on a new level, only to leave after 45 min and discover a visit to McDonalds playground and lunch was more to all of our liking. New Years Eve was a time for the mommies to have a break.  So, the three of us dressed up and went out for dinner. The girls were a bit skeptical wondering how soon their cell phone might ring.  All was kept under control and we came back to a quiet house,  What a treat to sit with your adult daughters laughing and talking, no interruptions and the bond strengthened not only as mother, daughters, sisters, but as women.  My heart expands and my heart experiences love in yet another dimension, as I observe the new  stages my children are in( them as parents) and each new phase the grandchildren are in…which happens in a blink of an eye.



     IMG_7314 IMG_6510  IMG_7233 IMG_7257 IMG_7352 IMG_7283 IMG_7319IMG_7329  IMG_7323 Picture 154







I spent a week in baby land…and once again got to experience such joy and love as I was caught up in the life of my son’s family.  Three babes to feed, hold, clothe, cuddle,bathe, to move from one place to the other..and a big brother to keep busy, wrestle with,  and play.  Oh gosh, how do they do it???  They just do!  They have a rhythm  The triplets are 19 months…just beginning to walk….still faster on all fours.  Each demonstrates their unique personality, and this is the only way I am able to distinguish who is who between Chase and Mason.  Juliannna has determined her place….that of the princess….and the boys seem to acquiesce…including Mack!  Kristal worried I might want to go somewhere or do something while visiting…that never crossed my mind…it was wonderful to just be part of their life for a week….my favorite place to sit…..on the floor….that's where all the action is….building blocks over and over,  babies crawling all over you, sneaking kisses, and the many parades either chasing or following up the hallway and around the table. 

 Picture 165 Picture 166 Picture 167 Picture 170 Picture 171 Picture 175 Picture 177 Picture 188 Picture 191 Picture 194Picture 195

Mike's family


I am blessed, my heart is full, there is no end to love….in giving or receiving it. 


Ronda said...

What a wonderful, beautiful family you have! Thanks for sharing the pictures. You are truly blessed.

Cathy said...

Awww, so glad you got to spend time with them all over the Holidays! Although, I missed you terribly (especially not even being able to talk to you every few days!!) Again, great pictures! So much fun!