Sunday, February 6, 2011

The ship of the desert……






In olden days, Arabs famously used to refer to the camel as 'the ship of the desert.


Camel racing is a favored sport in the Persian Gulf nations, and it is no different in Kuwait. It is a tradition that is firmly rooted in the culture of these desert nations, where the camel in times past was esteemed as a valuable animal, providing transport, meat and milk.


Today amongst the material wealth of these nations, the camel is less important for these purposes, but camel racing is conducted in the present day with undiminished fervor.

Camel racing is in many ways somewhat different from horse racing, which is practiced throughout the world. Interestingly, racing camels are usually females as the males are considered to be ill-natured and difficult to handle.


Welcome to the Kuwait Camel Club

Camel racing is a fervently and enthusiastically followed sport, with breeders expending huge sums on breeding, and devotees of the sport following developments in camel racing with great zeal. Thousands cheer on their race favorites, while on some tracks breeders and other enthusiasts speed alongside in their motor vehicles.

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