Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring is in the air

It actually does get quite cool here….the cold at night killed off my peppers ….and the days now are in the 60’s range.  Tents have multiplied in the desert, and I can see that rare glint of greenery that will be around for a short bit before summer’s heat.  The dragon flies are back….they are everywhere and bigger than I remember dragon flies to be…there are lots of birds flying to and fro…and I often hear the cooing of pigeons….right on my window sill here in the desert!!!? 

I played golf at the make shift desert golf course near the site, for the first time.  It actually wasn't bad…on the hard sand my ball traveled much further than if it were on nice green grass….but I actually was keeping my eye out for the desert lizards….saw foot prints…and was ready to follow them instead of my errant golf ball.

On the way home, at almost the same instance, John and I spotted something actually growing along side the road.  So of course we stopped and this is what we found.desert melon


Melons……growing wild along the roadside…they look big here, but they are no bigger than a tennis ball.  I tried researching these babies…but found nothing to report to you….I cut one open and have to say….it may look like a melon as we know it…but all I did was touch my finger to it to taste……and it didn’t taste like what I expected….hmmm…maybe it needs to ripen????


Amy Jo said...

They really do look like mini watermelons!