Thursday, February 3, 2011

A very different Christmas…..

Our R & R did finally turn out to be really delightful…… We had SNOW, we  had Christmas lights and music and fanfare….we did get to rest in York, visit and shop in a medieval town, and experience Christmas Eve Service at midnight at a gothic cathedral, York Minster.


but getting there was an adventure

.A train to Calais,

John on train deb on train to Calais

a ferry over the   English Channel



This was pretty impressive…..there were bars, restaurants, food court, a duty free shop, arcades…….a mini cruise!


It was dark when we arrived in Dover, England…and unable to capture it with a camera, but we did see the “Cliffs of Dover”


Catching the next train to London…..we arrived around 11:00 pm….lugging our suitcases behind us; we came up from the tube and saw this:


Picture 049





.this is what we wanted to see….a little bit of Christmas.  This is an outdoor Holiday Market in Hyde Park.  Our hotel was on the other side of this….very big park….three local young men were extremely helpful with all the fancy GPS stuff on their phones….they were able to direct us….get in a taxi.


Thistle Hyde Park Hotel Exterior

Thistle Hyde Park Hotel… over looked Kensington Gardens

Due to the storm….and travel delays, our time in London was cut in half. 


Picture 042 Picture 027 Picture 029 Picture 030 Picture 032 Picture 035 Picture 036 Picture 039 Picture 040 Picture 041


We visited Kensington Palace and the Towers….went to the theatre and saw OLIVER

A lovely lunch and rest

Picture 046 Picture 044

We had two days before hopping a train headed for