Sunday, September 19, 2010

More of Lebanon

IMG_NEW_0006 The Bacchus Temple at Baalbeck

We drove about an hour and a half to Baalbeck from Beirut. The  ancient belief  that places of worship should be at a high place, Baalbeck was predestined to become a center of religious worship. It is situated in between Lebanon mountains in the Bekka valley with an altitude of 1150 meters.  We spent the morning wandering the ruins in total awe of what we were seeing.  I purchased a book (English Version) so as to understand the history we had experienced.  I found this website above if you are interested that gives a brief explanation of this historical place.

The craftsmanship astounds me



A great postcard of reconstitution of the Temples


This gentleman really wanted me to purchase more than my book and postcards. 


Jeita Grotto    beautiful….but we were not allowed to take pictures. 

This site will allow you to see some pics….and will explain what a jewel the Jeita Grotto is to Lebanon’s tourism.

This is where I first heard anything about the New 7 Wonders Campaign.  click the below link to view a video of explanation and cast your vote.


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