Friday, September 24, 2010

September Reflections

September is the month of new beginnings.

My three oldest grandsons all started kindergarten in the last couple weeks and it has been fun and interesting to hear what they think and how they are adjusting. When I asked Mack what kinds of things does he do….he told me “well, you know, school stuff”.  Caiden is away from home almost 7 hours but tells Lizzy “it seems like only a few minutes”  and Joshua didn’t even want Amy to stand at the bus stop.  No worries about these little guys….they are loving their new adventure.

I can’t help but think how their world, as they have known it, now changes forever.  There are more people, places and things that will influence them in who they are and will become.  The things they see and hear and discover will shape their thinking, their desires, their goals. I worry about them and want to protect them even as I felt when seeing my own children off to school for the first time yet I also applaud them to move forward in their life with encouragement and enthusiasm; to explore, step out, make friends, take a chance at all the good life has to offer.


Mack's first day

Caiden first day of kindergarten

Smiley Joshua