Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Endless Summer

Well here it is the beginning of September and I have finally made my return trip “home” to Kuwait. Once my plane landed In Chicago, (July 2) I have been living in the fast lane.  I am blessed, so very lucky, extremely grateful, and remain in such awe to not only do and see and be me, a wife, a mother, a grammy  and what Mack calls me (Sweet), a sister, a friend, an aunt, to be able to travel, meet new people, experience life in other countries, but also come and go from place to place to be with my family wherever they are.  I am thankful for my husband who encouraged me to come and  enjoy this summer that seems to have no end.


My plane landed and Lizzy and I headed to the skateboard competition.  This was Caiden’s first time participating and he is only 5 years old!  I hold my breath watching him.  He is awesome!Petrovskys at competion  I put a video on You Tube of the competition and one of Kierson riding his two wheeler.




Caiden and mom after competion


The first of many events of the summer was the whole family gathering for my nephew’s wedding in Schroon Lake, NY.  To have all the kids, nephews and nieces with all their children together in one place for a weekend was incredible…..

and fun. Dad Pfeiffer was able to enjoy his whole family together….he turned 90 this year. 


The wedding coupleDance  

It was a weekend event.  Mike and Kristal traveled from Charlotte, NC.  Lizzy and I drove from Muskego, WI; all arriving hot and tired.  We needed a distraction

Some more fun pics of the munchkins

Mack and Caiden with train set all 5 up at the bar

the boys 


  Five grandchildren birthdays were celebrated in July.  Kierson and Kaylee both turned 3 and we celebrated them together at Amy Jo’s house.

DSCN1043 DSCN1012


Back in Muskego, the whole family supported Lizzy for her 5K run.  The boys watch for her to run by and yell run mama run!

The summer weather was perfect and we spent much of our time outdoors at parks and pools and the sprinkler in the back yard was our favorite!



  Papa with the boys on step                           Papa John joined us for a couple of days………         

  Papa with the boys put put

John bike


before heading out on his own adventure….a bike tour to the Colorado Rockies.



The triplets turn


Heading to babyland in Charlotte, NC……for Mason, Chase, and Juliana's



Mack the photographer

Mack our photographer….was excited for the party.  He and I spent the morning shopping and decorating for the event.


HMMM……..am I ready for this??


Our little princess Our little princess is ready



DSCN1223 Oh yeah this is good

And the boys had no trouble figuring out what their part was.

Babies and mike in pool

A very hot summer day – the best place to have a party is in the pool!


Mack and Sweet

The babies are on the move….crawling fast and standing at furniture. Their smiles are contagious!!! as is their big brother’s, Mack.  We packed a lot into a week, swimming everyday…..(MACK can swim!! He jumps in and swims to the other side.. ) playgrounds and games, and just plain old fun and nonsense! I even “babysat” all four for an afternoon and evening!!!  What a busy household!  I am in awe of the love, fun and peace in their home! 

The mommy and daddy 

NEXT STOP -   Rochester, NY

Grammy and Kaylee Hugs







               What a way to be greeted????






This was the first visit that my Kaylee girl and I bonded as “girls”.  There are 5 boys ahead of her so “our “playtime is mostly like that of the boys.   But this time  I found her changed, girly, and wanting to do little girl things…..ha….with me!!!!  I am delighted.  She wears dresses everyday…likes to watch me do my hair and put on makeup.  She wants to help in the kitchen,  likes to play dress up and is a good little mommy to ALL her babies and stuffed animals.  We went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and she oohed and ahhed at all the pretty “fabiks”, she walks to the beat of her own drum, which I adore!  

Cool Kaylee                                                                    


We had an adventure day taking the family to the Aquarium in Niagara Falls……oh did these two love it!…..and so did we!  Their enthusiasm at each window pointing what they saw was contagious.  I think the sea lions were the favorite.  It was a beautiful day to walk the park, let the kids chase pigeons and see the falls once again.


The next day we made sea creatures out of bread dough and ate them for dinner.


bread starfish and turtles



Papa John and Joshua on motorcycleJoshua thumbs up 

I think he would have enjoyed a ride…..



Miss Gracie turned 10 months old in August.  She is friends with the camera…so easy and loveable to photograph.   She is funny, learning to tease, and likes to play peek a boo.  When the other two had rest time…I got to have play time with

this wee one.





John and I met up for a couple days before he headed back to Kuwait…we stayed at a lovely B&B called Gone With the Wind on Keuka Lake…..visited a few wineries, and went to Watkins Glen for the NASCAR race….FUN …and relaxing!




I really don’t know much about NASCAR.  I don’t watch the race on TV or read up on it in the paper.  I may be able to list off a few drivers, like Mark Martin(my son in law’s guy)  Well, what I do know now, is that I LIKE NASCAR…well at least being at a live race.

Who would have thunk??? accept John pointed out….its in my blood. (from my grandpa McKenzie AKA Crasher)  A whole other BLOG for sure.


I felt a little out of it as we stood amongst the fans at our lawn seats, that I didn’t have a favorite.   So I chose the underdog….or so it seemed.  Right at the beginning as the cars pace, one had to go to the pit already.  Something loose, I suppose.  He didn’t miss out on the race, but had to forfeit his place, and go to the end of the line.   UGH…..he must have been soooooo frustrated…I felt so bad for him.

Well, that determined who I was going to keep my eye on and root for, to see how he could catch up!   Every lap whizzing by me….I counted frantically how many he moved ahead.   Little did I know until the end of the  day that “my underdog” was Dale Earhart Jr.  



John flew back to Kuwait and I continued a couple more weeks, spending some time in the Adirondacks, hanging out with my sister and taking in Brooks and Dunn’s last concert.

 Sisters at the concert 2                  Nothing like a MAHGAReeeTA on a hot summer night

                             Cmon Cath lets dance

                   C’mon Cath…..lets dance….that's what we’re here for!



One day Joshua and I were traveling to visit the Phillips family! He asked me how long I was staying.  I told him about 10 days more.  I thought he was so sweet when he said “I wish you could stay here forever”.  I replied that forever is a really long time…..pause: (I could see his little brain working) Then he said….”that’s ok then Grammy, 10 days is enough.”

So after those ten days, I found myself once again on a plane; flying back home to the Middle East.


As you can see…this is probably thee longest blog in blog history….but it is my tale and record of the most important places I’ve been this year. No where else I visit in the world,  would I be showered with so much love, fun and affection. No where else will I find acceptance,  warmth and understanding.


I love you all so much



Ronda said...

What an amazing summer! You have a wonderful family and the love you all have for each other is so apparent. So glad you got to see them all. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful photos!

Amy Jo @ The Little Moments said...

Wow mom! Way to document it all with pictures and commentary. It was quite the summer, all right! we loved having you around. I hope you can access the pictures I uploaded for you.

Anonymous said...

Nice job Deb! I had a problem trying to view the whole album though..when I clicked on the link it said the album was empty..

You got some awesome pictures of the kids! It was great having you around..miss you, but I'll see you in 9 days!!! Love ya sis!