Saturday, February 6, 2010


We had read in the Kuwait Times of camel races this weekend!!!  However, it wasn’t really clear as to where.  We received directions from a manager of our housing and after a bit of wandering asked again at a gas station…..the man was extremely happy to help us out and to practice his speaking of the English language.  We had asked, where are the camel races?   He gave us a very odd look as if we were asking where are the igloos.  That may be why his directions did not lead to the camel races either.  However, when we saw the sign at the next exit indicating DESERT…..we figured that was a good start.   It wasn’t too long, and not far from our villa when we had to come to a stop. CAMELS! in the road, crossing the road, running through the sand.  One was very curious  and began to approach the car.   John has the camera aimed and focused thinking the zoom lens was working great…no realizing he and the camel were face to face until he snapped the photo.  Both he and the camel startled!!!!!

I suppose this is no different than coming upon deer at the road back home, but camels????  We were excited.  We drove into the desert to see the herds closer. They make a very odd sound……sort of like a moo and a growl.  Other than that sound, the desert is a very still and quiet place.  It helps us to understand the many “camps” in the desert.  It is a peaceful rest from the city life.


Anonymous said...

This is sooo cool! I love how they all look so different. I especially love the close up picture...he has such beautiful eyelashes, haha! What an awesome thing to see. I can't wait to see more pictures from you side of the world! Love you and miss you!!! Love, Colleen

Amy Jo said...

Wow! Those are big animals (and a little bit ugly...) I think they are more friendly than the deer we might come across over here. No deer has even come that close to me!

Anonymous said...

Ha, I love it! Great pics Deb! I can't wait till you make it to the Camel Races!! Or the Camel Beauty Pagent!
It was so good to talk to you earlier, and I love it that you're treated like royalty there, enjoy it, it most certainly won't last forever!:) I still think you need to talk to Danny about the 4-wheeler so we can cruise the desert when I get there!! Love you, Cath