Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sand storm

This picture is from this morning’s newspaper.  This is how it looked yesterday and much of today!! It is not only difficult to see but also to breathe.  Many people wore masks or held tissues in front of their mouth and nose.  I suppose those who wear the scarves and head coverings have definitely one up on those of us who don’t….I’m thinking I may have to reconsider my thinking about this and keep something with me at all times. A pretty colorful scarf.  I don’t think black is my color.



Anonymous said...

Hey Deb,
I wonder which is worse, a sand storm or snow storm, which, by the way, we're having right now!! I'm sure you're glad you're in Egypt right now!! I'd go for the pretty colorful scarf! Love you, hope you're having a great weekend, enjoy:) Love, cath

Amy Jo said...

I know I'd rather have a snow storm! Did sand get into your house? I bet that would be hard to clean up.

Anonymous said...

Sand is everywhere.....and you start to feel it as you breath, even grit in your mouth...I like snow storms better, I think.