Friday, February 19, 2010

Game Night

John and I were sure to  bring our scrabble game and a deck of cards but game night has taken on a new look.  At our housing complex there is a GAME room…that has a dart board, pool table and ping pong as well as an exercise room. Thursday night is the beginning of our weekend, so after dinner we walk over to play.  Both games have been a challenge for me…..Although John lets me do take overs in pool and to step up close to the darts, I find that both games are still a challenge to me……but I have my hopes on being a real pool shark someday.  


Amy Jo said...

oh!!! A ping pong table too? how fun! You should get some tournaments going on Thursday nights with the other ex-pats.

Anonymous said...

Well Deb, you think you can get any closer to the dart board??!! I'm not too good at either darts or pool, but isn't it fun to try new things!