Monday, February 15, 2010

The important stuff arrived…..


We have been waiting for the arrival of our belongings.  The first shipment by air came today.  The second shipment by sea won’t be here until mid March.  Seven boxes were delivered to us today.  I was so excited.  Some things to make our villa a home.  John was excited too…he was thinking….some ties, shirts, and shoes.  Well….he was out of the country, so I was in charge of what got packed and when it was to arrive.  As we unpacked each box, I could see the look of disappointment on his face as I exclaimed….oh….my utensils, my cookbooks,  oh that basket will look good here…and look at the sweet faces of those babies, as each grandbaby picture was unwrapped ( 31 frames, to be exact).  Well, honey, now it will seem like “home” .  So what if you wear the same shirt twice in one week?  To be fair, his shoe polish kit, travel coffee mugs and the Bocce Ball game were included!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah you got your pictures!!! I'm so glad that finally arrived!! Just go out and buy John a new shirt to tide him over till the rest of the stuff gets there!!! Baby pictures are MUCH more important!! Have fun putting everything up!! Love ya, Cath