Sunday, February 21, 2010

Souks and sand and camels, oh my!!!!

A souk is an open air market and they have them for everything!!!  Throughout the city you can find the plant souk, shoe souk, carpet souk, pottery souk, etc.  

The Friday souk, is unique because it is everything all in one place.  New and used items….one huge (what we would call a flea market)  This place has about 6 of these large circle areas filled with people selling everything from plastic waste cans to furniture, shoes, clothing, carpets, fabrics, brass and marble gifts.  Men with green wheel barrels follow around behind you waiting to assist you in carrying your purchases.  Then, when you are ready ,they bring it to your car. some vendors speak English well, but others have learned a few choice phrases…..DISCOUNT,  Madame, Madame,   discount here….if you show interest in a skirt they  bring out as many as they can find in their stash! 

(Check out the last pic….couldn’t resist…head is covered….with black baseball cap!!!)

There are animal souks too!   We came across this bird souk…selling parakeets, canaries, doves, roosters and chickens, and doves.  The birdseed is sold out of burlap bags.  Then we saw these plastic bird feeders….for outdoor birds.  I am so excited!  I love to hear and see the birds and we do have them around our home.  So maybe we can create a little sanctuary for them….one, as explained to us, is for water.  Probably most needed in this dry, hot climate.

So, now I wait for some little visitorsour birdfeeder


Anonymous said...

How cool! I can't wait to come over and experience all this fun stuff..hope you had a good ya, Cath