Tuesday, March 2, 2010


What school year was your most favorite?  Or what subject did you like the best?  I remember in many grades and many classes wondering what in the world do I need to know this for?  Algebra class in 9th grade had me wondering that!  And having to dissect worms in 7th grade was so disgusting to me that I walked out of class!  Third grade wasn’t so cool for me either.   I colored with very vibrant colors and was told I should redo my paper.  For me, 6th grade stands out!  Mr.. Johnson was my favorite teacher and it was the best school year I ever had.  He made it fun to learn World History.   That year we were introduced to the countries of the world and their culture. I remember pouring over the pictures and said more than once to more than one place, “oh I want to go there, I want to see that”  Years go by, life goes on, and traveling, visiting, experiencing different places wasn’t planned on, didn’t place in a line up of priorities.  But those seeds of desire to do that were planted in my being in Mr.. Johnson’s class.

Thirty years later, my world opened up and life has never been a dull moment since.   I have had the privilege to travel with my husband  over the last 10  years while on business and have had the honor to see and experience many of those dreamed of destinations. 

This past weekend I saw, touched, smelled, and felt in my heart a wee bit of Cairo, Egypt!  I think it will take me weeks to digest all that I experienced in three days.

Our first surprise was  being able to see the Pyramids from our hotel room.  There they are just at the edge of the city.

I thought surely the only way to get there was by riding camels a half a day at least to the middle of the desert.


The first thing our tour guide told us before leaving the van at the Pyramids was, don’t look at or speak to anyone who approaches you.  I found that to be extremely difficult….when someone says hello, where are you from?  When I replied from NY…oh they have an uncle in NY, and as John puts……”she gets sucked right in and it costs me another 5 bucks”…. Such was the case below:

100_0252 Lets have a photo together, here where this scarf….sir you are a lucky man, here take a picture of your wife”…….



and this gentleman….”let me take a picture of you two….no money, no money….I am an honest man, ….let me welcome you to Egypt…..here, you wear this…..keep it keep it….I love USA…here keep these precious stones…for good luck……” you got it…another five dollars..



We did get to see those pyramids…and they are truly more awesome than can be imagined.   As you look in one direction you can see the city of Cairo, but the opposite landscape is desert!  Climbing inside the largest one was quite the feat!   We actually crawled up the  narrow passageway on an angle……to the top!


Much more to come…….tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Deb!! Great pictures! I am soooo jealous! How much fun you must be having. I am so happy for you guys that you're able to experience all this. Can't wait to see you at the end of the month and see the pics/video of you belly dancing!!:) Keep posting!!! Love you, Cath

Amy Jo said...

Wow! So cool!!! You have gone more places than most people ever dream possible. I'm glad that you enjoy it so much and are always looking to see what's new around you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I forgot to ask you...did you FINALLY get a glass of wine when you were in Egypt???
Love ya, Cath