Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not the average week……..

We have said since we have arrived, that no two days are alike. That actually, the weeks fly by and every day holds something new and different to experience.  Certainly this past week did fly by, packed with people, much busyness, many meetings, dinners, dignitaries, and press coverage.   This time, John was in the middle of this hoopla.

The reason we are here in Kuwait is because my husband works as  the in country project manager for the building and installation of a huge power plant.  He interfaces with the Ministry of Electricity and Water on a very frequent basis.   This week provided a “FIRST” in items of responsibilities for his job description.  And I for one think it was very cool and exciting.

GE executives from Schenectady were here, as well as regional GE folks to meet with the Kuwait Government officials.  The Minister of Electricity and Water, Dr. Bader Al-Shuraian, Deborah Jones, the American Ambassador to Kuwait as well as the Korean Ambassador were in attendance. (GE and Hyundai are the two companies implementing the project)  A lot goes into organizing such an event.  Not only who is speaking when….but all the logistics of seating, food, security, banners and photos, parking and buses.  John was instrumental in pulling this all together in only two days time.

Not sure event coordinator would be something he would pursue,  but it definitely provided some real excitement and change of pace around here.  Life keeps us wondering ….”What’s next honey?”

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Anonymous said...

Pretty awesome! Congratulations John! So, I guess he really is doing work there and not just dressing up and riding camels and stuff huh??!!