Friday, March 5, 2010

A storm coming in

Weather has certainly been in the news around the world as of late!! Although,the sand storms we have been experiencing here hardly equate with the devastation of the earthquakes recently, it is a new weather phenomena for us.

What looked like a perfectly clear, crisp blue sky when we woke in the morning, quickly changed within minutes as we sat with our morning coffee.   


                         Looking out our back window.


100_0379                            “Sand cloud” over our house.  100_0378                             Taken from our front yard100_0380 Within an hour the sky was orange with dust and stayed this way most of the day. 


Anonymous said...

Well stay inside, or wear your mask..or you could go "catch" some sand and send it our way! I'll return the favor by sending you some snow!:) Love ya, Cath