Friday, March 26, 2010

Desert flowers blooming.


I want to find one of these. This picture was in today’s paper.  It’s name is Zanoon (desert hyacinth) and blooms in the spring out in the desert.

Yellow flower bush This bush has been blooming since we arrived. This is at the side of our villa and there is one in the front yard.  They are seen in landscaping all around Kuwait.

white flowersThe white flowers are slightly fragrant and this too is found in landscaping in Kuwait.  This one is in my back yard.

Both trees are in the back yard.  This first one is my favorite..  It’s the only one I have seen around…the blooms look like red bottle brushes. The next skinny bush is a strange one too…with fuzzy red things that sort of look like raspberries.

100_0456             These tufts of grasses are blooming all around.

Planting Pansies Springtime always gets me itchy to get my hands in the soil.   Soil? No nice black dirt to sink your hands in here….and I thought Clifton Park had sandy dirt…I mostly put flowers in pots…but did manage to dig out a bit of a “garden in the front….strategically planted where the sprinklers would be sure to water them. 


 Checking out the ugly bugsUGLY BUG

Checking out the ugly bug….honestly I would rather deal with worms and the occasional slug…..these guys are really ugly.

The National flower

And this is what is called Arfaj.  It is Kuwait's national flower. Although it is rare in many countries, it covers 30% of Kuwait's surface area year round. 

Now after all that planting and picture taking its time for some relaxation.




Carolina Moon Arts Studio said...

WOW! it looks like paradise! i'll have to show the yellow flower to Dave W!!

Bruce said...

HI Debbie, The Zanoon plant you are looking for is nearing the end of its season. They are very prodigious in North Kuwait along the side of the road leading to the Abdaly Farms. This plant has a very long tubular root buried in the desert sand. This root has been extracted from the sand sometimes 2-3 feet deep and sliced thinly and allowed to sun dry. Once dried, the thin slices are put in hot water (allowing it to hydrate) along with your tea bag. It has the ability to reduce sugar levels in the blood system.


debbie said...

Well hi Bruce....I am so excited you know where to find this plant...Thank you.....certainly something I have never seen.