Thursday, March 25, 2010

Textile Souk added to my list of “these are a few of my favorite things”

After only being here 6 weeks, I have definitely discovered my favorite place to visit…..and that would be the textile souk…..I have been there twice in the last week.  Twenty two ladies from the quilters group diverged on the place, breaking up into groups.  The shop keepers had dollar signs in their eyes; very happy to greet and assist us. After we drove a caravan of vehicles through the crazy city streets of Kuwait….to have lunch at a Moroccan restaurant.   My first time to eating this cuisine, and it is delicious.  (I am now searching for Moroccan recipes) Three days later, I had Mustafa (my other driver) take me there again to meet Mary and Diana…..this time the shopping was a little less crazy and we were able to take our time to really investigate the goods. I definitely feel like a little girl going to Disney land…..there is just so much to look at, and my brain going in a many different directions as to what projects I could use the beautiful crystals or buttons, charms, or laces….Textiles galore from silks, to upholstery. I saw many Kuwait women with fashion magazine pages in hand buying fabric to then take to a tailor.   The options and selections  are limitless.  It is extraordinary. The fabrics exquisite and prices so reasonable. I can’t help but to keep going back.

             Q8quilters eating at the Moroccan Restaurant


Shop after shop of cloth and accessories fills building after building.


Cathy said...

How fun!! Moroccan food huh?? So, what does it consist of?? You'll have to fix some while you're here or we'll have to find a Moroccan restaurant here!!