Saturday, March 6, 2010


There have been two issues to deal with  over the past 5 weeks of living here.  At first they were just a  bit embarrassing, then become annoying to really becoming  a major problem. on a daily basis.   You would think it has to do with the fact that I am living in a different culture, in the desert, or that I am homesick perhaps….not really.  These issues seemed to have the power to not only embarrass or annoy me, but others as well.  These issues seemed to have the power to make me feel really stupid..  I began to feel I was not only wasting my time but that it didn’t matter that I was…….

This week I decided to confront those issues and conquer them with two decisions that I will remain firm on……and take away their power.

The last straw was another day this week trying to adjust to the one car between us.  I needed to be at a meeting for 9  and so did he..leaving early, we did the drop off, I’ll wait for your call, dropping off and picking up, waiting endlessly for a meeting to end, and this time, the ringer is off on the cell phone.  I don’t know how….I don’t even know where that button is. He is done with his meeting…..1 1/2 hours later than expected.  I’m waiting for him to call to come get him and can’t imagine why its taking him so long.  This was frustrating enough, without the fact that I got lost heading back,  yes I have a GPS, but it was difficult to hear her because the radio was on and I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off without GPS lady turning off also.  Not fun.  THATS IT!!!!    I was mad, he was mad…and really it wasn’t either one of us at fault.   I need a new phone!   A simple phone.   One with big numbers.  One with an on switch and off switch.  Nothing fancy.  He agreed and today I have a simple phone.   Ok issue one taken care of. 

What is issue two you ask????? The lets share the ride together business……..we have tried it and it dosn’t work.  I have tried a driver from the hotel here and he stood me up.  I took a taxi last week and I swear, I thought for sure I was sitting in a garbage truck, the filth and smell turned my stomach, and he circled around the city stopping to ask 4 different passersby directions, before I got to my destination, a half hour late.   So those options bring along their own frustrations.  I now have come to look at the option that was offered me from the beginning …is to have -my own driver.  He can come for me, drop me off, wait, or come back, any time of day or night.  Issues at week 6….resolved.                

                                His name is Charlie.


Amy Jo said...

I laughed that you couldn't turn off the radio without turning off the GPS voice. I don' tknow how to do that eigher! But fortunately, I'm ussually driving around my hometown, not a foreign country.

So, Charlie is NOT the same driver from the hotel? Is this like a private hire? I hope it goes better and reduces your stress!

Colleen said...

Don't be embarrassed! Did you ever hear the story when I spent the night at Aunt Cathy's apartment in Henrietta? It was like midnight and all of a sudden the radio came on blaring! I freaked out and thought someone was breaking in. I finally figured out it was just the radio and turned it off. Then the next day she said oh does that every night but I can't figure out how to turn the timer off!!! I did fix it for her!

I know what it is like to go from 2 cars to 1 and it is NOT fun! I am glad you were able to get your own driver! Now you can go wherever you want whenever you want! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Okay, really Colleen, did you have to bring up the radio incident?? But Deb, I guess it just goes to show you that it does run in the family!:)) Just wait Colleen and Amy Jo, you'll both get your turn!!
Deb, told you before, it's so awesome to say you have your own personal driver..why were you fighting it?? Glad you got a new phone though, you obviously got a lemon with the first one..(definately the phone and NOT the user!!) Love ya, Cath